Directions to Starting Points of Trails that are:

Interesting to walk for an hour or more,

Close to home (between McKinleyville and Eureka)

Open to the public.

Descriptions are not intended as Trail Guides

When planning a walk remember, conditions vary according to weather and circumstance.

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Exercise & Pleasure

In 1970 Janette joined Los Angeles Equestrian Trails and rode her horse for thousands of miles in the Southern California back country. When she relocated to San Diego Janette decided to exchange her saddle for a backpack. Janette joined the Sierra Club, so now she was the one getting the exercise.

In the fall of 2012 while leading a hike for the Park Service in the hills behind Laguna Beach (where she then lived) one of the hikers announced, "I'm from CoastWalk. Next summer a group of ten will walk

1,200 miles, down the California Coast, from the Oregon State Line to the Mexican Boarder. We have two slots left, would someone care to join us?"

Janette excepted, almost on the spot.

During two days of hikes through the Redwoods, Janette told herself, "If ever I leave Laguna Beach, this is where I will live." So that’s how she came to Arcata in 2007. Janette loves to explore the Local Area with friends, share life experiences and her photographs.