Janette Knits Hats



Sometimes I raid my stash

My preference is for fun, utilitarian hats

Diagonally knitted long rectangle

Ends sewn to form body of hat

Picked up stitches ready for Hat Band

Small crown formed from picked up stitches

Half rows increase depth of band at back

Crown doesn’t interfere with pattern design

resolves junction between disparate elements

Standing seam adds interest and . . .

Horizontal element picked up, before crown

Band of diminishing vertical stripes knitted first

Stitches settled into charming top bump

Neck extension added to this hat  

Started as double diagonal in front

Some hats are too complex to re-create

This hat has a top bump . . .

side bump and neck extension

Decorative strip with crown and band added

Simple diamond pattern, knit in round

Same hat turned to form brim

Basin type hat, worked as staggered rows

as substitute for temporary hair loss

Soft silk hat

offer three dimensional interest

Intertwined strips of mohair

Precursor to Jester Hat using vertical rows

Jester Hat in development, horizontal rows

Fortunately I only lost the hat. Not Hop.

Surprise color blocks from variegated yarn